Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Oregon Bureaucrats Collude with Gay Rights Group in Hunting Christians

Democrats engage in an astonishing amount of corruption.  The EPA grants money to environmental groups.  These activists then sue and settle with the EPA and behold, this federal agency has just expanded its power.  Unbelievable!

Progressives at the state level have taken notice.  Government bureaucrats are colluding with special interest groups in quid pro quo agreements.  Administrators and their employees will advance an agenda for an advocacy group, a liberal one, of course, while the latter provides political and financial support.   

An Oregon baker has fallen prey to the machinations of corrupt public officials and their progressive thugs.  A lesbian couple went on a hunt for a Christian bakery hoping a business owner would refuse to participate in their gay wedding.  They found one and ran him out of business.  But that’s not the complete story.  A commissioner in the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries colluded with these lesbians in exchange for campaign donations and political support.

The Daily Signal reported on this whole sordid affair.  Here is an excerpt:

Communications between Bureau of Labor and Industries Commissioner Brad Avakian and Basic Rights Oregon, which has actively spoken out against the Kleins, raise questions about whether the commissioner and other agency employees were using the case to benefit a political agenda, and in the process, stripping the Kleins of their right to a fair trial.
According to emails, Avakian met with Basic Rights Oregon on multiple occasions.
One of those meetings was planned for May 1, 2014, shortly before a federal court struck down Oregon’s Defense of Marriage Act.

Another meeting between the commissioner and Basic Rights Oregon occurred on or around August 5, 2014. This fell between the time a judge denied the Kleins’ first attempt to disqualify the commissioner for bias and shortly before a hearing for the case was scheduled to begin
On or around Oct. 7, 2014, Avakian accepted a phone call from Jeana Frazzini, co-director of Basic Rights Oregon, according to another email.
On Dec. 2, 2014, a Basic Rights Oregon employee wrote of Avakian, “His voice is really important as a coalition partner, and a leader in Oregon politics.”
Emails also show Avakian purchasing tickets costing hundreds of dollars to attend Basic Rights Oregon’s annual fundraising galas and gay pride parades, while his agency’s case against the Kleins was underway.
In 2012, Basic Rights Oregon donated almost $8,000 to Avakian’s bid for commissioner

It gets even better!  The judge adjudicating this case was appointed by that agency’s commissioner:  Brad Avakian.  Surprise – surprise, that bureau’s judge refused the defendants request for an investigation into questionable ethics violations. 

Oh, we can’t leave out the media!  This same government agency, along with its gay advocacy group, was communicating with the local newspaper editor.  They are all in cahoots!

Aren’t you happy that you don’t live in Oregon?


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