Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Liberal Agenda: The Federal Government of America

Rush Limbaugh postulated a theory liberals will one day attack the American flag as a symbol undeserving our respect and allegiance.  The Politico reported the following:

The debate over the Confederate battle flag in South Carolina and elsewhere is not really about the banner itself, Rush Limbaugh says. And it won’t stop there, the radio host said during his show on Tuesday.

One day, he said, what is happening to the rebel flag will come to pass for the American flag, too.

To liberals, he added, the American flag “stands for the United States of America and, as such, everything that’s wrong with it.”

“The American flag has flown over a slave nation much longer than the Confederate flag did, folks. The American flag has flown over all kinds of atrocities,” Limbaugh told his listeners, calling the Confederate flag “business” an “all-out assault on what the left thinks is a last remaining enclave of solid Republican voters, and that is the South.”

Since the founding of the republic, there have been provocateurs sabotaging the principles of limited government as dictated by the U.S. Constitution.  This will continue until States are completely subjugated by the federal government.  The institutions that empower citizens will be systematically destroyed.  The notion of self-determination and self-government will cease to exist.

Some will say this is hyperbole.  History states otherwise.  Here is what Jefferson Davis had to say about the state of the union in 1850 and the antecedents for secession:

"God forbid that the day should ever come when to be true to my constituents is to be hostile to the Union. If, sir, we have reached that hour in the progress of our institutions, it is past the age to which the Union should have lived. If we have got to the point when it is treason to the United States to protect the rights and interests of our constituents, I ask why should they longer be represented here? Why longer remain a part of the Union? 

If there is a dominant party in this Union which can deny to us equality, and the rights we derive through the Constitution; if we are no longer the freemen our fathers left us; if we are to be crushed by the power of an unrestrained majority, this is not the Union for which the blood of the Revolution was shed; this is not the Union I was taught from my cradle to revere; this is not the Union in the service of which a large portion of my life has been passed; this is not the Union for which our fathers pledged their property, their lives, and sacred honor. 

No, sir, this would be a central Government, raised on the destruction of all the principles of the Constitution, and the first, the highest obligation of every man who has sworn to support that Constitution would be resistance to such usurpation. This is my position." 

Jefferson Davis ~ In the Senate of the United States, June 27, 1850, on the  CompromiseBill ~ Congressional Globe, p. 995-6

The liberal agenda is not a United States of America, but a Federal Government of America.  That’s why Rush Limbaugh’s prediction will come to pass.


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