Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ad Holds Sen. Kay Hagan Accountable for Obamacare

Senator Kay Hagan has long row to hoe.  Her support for Obamacare and all the leftist policies that she helped to implement will not be forgotten.  Americans for Prosperity is leading the way.  Television ads are beginning to air throughout the state making sure that all North Carolinians are aware that this woman is responsible for foisting this healthcare debacle unto us all.

The News and Observer reported the following:
At a news conference Tuesday at the Sheraton Raleigh Hotel, Phillips said “the goal is to hold Sen. Hagan accountable for her decisive vote to make Obamacare the law of the land. She has repeatedly worked and voted to uphold this law with all of its harmful impacts on North Carolinians from all walks of life. We are determined that this issue stay in the foreground.”
The group also plans to run a grass-roots campaign against Hagan that will include social media and knocking on doors.
In September, Americans for Prosperity began a $3million ad campaign in six states, including North Carolina, criticizing the new health care law, but it did not specifically target senators. Those ads mostly ran in states where Democratic senators were facing tough re-election fights next year.
The law, officially the Affordable Care Act, requires most Americans to buy insurance but provides federal subsidies to those whose incomes qualify. It also sets minimum standards for what benefits insurance policies must provide.
In a teleconference held before the new TV campaign was released, Hagan stood by her support for the health care law, saying it would provide health insurance to millions of people with preexisting conditions and ultimately help control health care costs. She said it will also help prevent people from being driven into bankruptcy by huge medical bills, or being unable to change jobs because they can’t obtain health insurance.
“I am not concerned with what outside special interests have to say, where outside money is coming into North Carolina,” Hagan said. “I am talking every day to people in North Carolina about the issues that are important to them, and I am going to continue focusing on my number one priority and their number one priority, which is jobs and the economy and getting this economy on the rebound.”
The quickest way to turn around this economy is to get rid of clueless libtards like Senator Kay Hagan.  This woman has done enough damage to this state and country.

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