Monday, October 28, 2013

New Bern's Ghostwalk 2013

This past weekend I traveled to New Bern, North Carolina in order to attend their Ghostwalk.  If you want to visit a town that celebrates its history, this is the place for you.  I ask, how better to honor your past than on Halloween?  This year’s theme is “The Haunted Housewives of New Bern.”

This event is a community project, presented by their historical society, and sponsored by various businesses and citizens.  Even places of worship participated in the walk.  Singing monks served spaghetti at Centenary Methodist Church.  It kind of reminded me of an adult version of trick or treat.  The streets were packed with young and old alike to hear tales from the “dead” and gawk at time tested homes.   It took me two nights to finish the walk.     

New Bern was established in 1710 and is the second oldest town in the Old North State.  That means they have over 300 years of “talent” they can draw from.  I wonder what next year’s theme is going to be.


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