Monday, October 28, 2013

Will Elevation Church Survive Mega House Scandal?

If you live in Charlotte, NC or the surrounding area, I’m sure you have to be well aware of Elevation Church and Pastor Steven Furtick, if not by the myriad of bumper stickers that festoon vehicles throughout the city, but by the news coverage of his latest purchase near Waxhaw.

I for one am having a hard time understanding how this man of God thought he could build a mansion without anyone knowing or noticing it.  Charlotte maybe an aspiring “world-class city” but it’s still small enough that a preacher can’t hide his fortune, especially if you flout it.

Yesterday, I happened upon St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Bath, North Carolina during their service.  What’s notable is not only the size of its congregation, but how long they’ve been around.  This small house of worship is the oldest existing Episcopal Church in the Old North State.

St. Thomas doesn’t have the glitz of a mega church, but something tells me they’ll be around a lot longer than Elevation.

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