Monday, October 28, 2013

Will the United States Implement a "Happiness Agency" Like Venezuela?

All of the statist in America looks to Venezuela as their model of governance.  Celebrities like Sean Penn, Harry Belafonte, and Oliver Stone look upon the likes of Hugo Chavez and his successor as beneficence personified.  Why this utopian country opened up a new government agency dedicated to the happiness of its people.  You can’t get better than that.

At first, many Venezuelans thought it was a joke: President Nicolas Maduro is creating a Deputy Ministry of Supreme Social Happiness.
The president says that the pediatrician in charge of the agency will coordinate all anti-poverty missions created by the late President Hugo Chavez.
Wags had a field day Friday, waxing sarcastic on Twitter about how happy they felt a day after the announcement.
Oil-rich Venezuela is chronically short of basic goods and medical supplies. Annual inflation is running officially at near 50 percent and the U.S. dollar now fetches more than seven times the official rate on the black market

Recently, a bunch of ingrates tried to assassinate Venezuela's Price Controls Minister.  I guess the black market was out of toilet paper.  Speaking of price controls, Rahm Emanuel’s brother, one of the architects of this monstrosity, confessed that Obamacare was designed to do just that.  You would've thought Americans would've learned their lesson by now.  We do have a history of this kind of crap.  I guess we're going to have to live through this pain one more time.

Can we expect a Happiness Agency in the United States?  The Obama administration may need one sooner than they think.


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