Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Obamabots Lament the Cost of Obamacare

A couple of years ago, I was discussing Obamacare with a friend of mine.  I remember telling him that once this monstrosity kicks in, those who advocated, pushed and defended this law will be the ones screaming the loudest when they get their bills.  Here is a dissatisfied Obamabot lamenting the cost of his health insurance.
Can anyone say schadenfreude? 

My wife and I just got our updates from Kaiser telling us what our 2014 rates will be. Her monthly has been $168 this year, mine $150. We have a high deductible. We are generally healthy people who don't go to the doctor often. I barely ever go. The insurance is in case of a major catastrophe.
Well, now, because of Obamacare, my wife's rate is gong to $302 per month and mine is jumping to $284.
I am canceling insurance for us and I am not paying any fucking penalty. What the hell kind of reform is this?
Oh, ok, if we qualify, we can get some government assistance. Great. So now I have to jump through another hoop to just chisel some of this off. And we don't qualify, anyway, so what's the point?
I never felt too good about how this was passed and what it entailed, but I figured if it saved Americans money, I could go along with it.
I don't know what to think now. This appears, in my experience, to not be a reform for the people.
What am I missing?

What are you missing?  Apparently, a brain.

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