Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Coming Obamacare EBT Fiasco

A couple of days ago, the country witnessed a major fiasco with the federal government’s food stamp EBT cards.  Sections of the country were denied access, while others were given unlimited balances.  And what did the teat squawkers do?  In those areas denied, panic set in.  In Louisiana, it was a free for all.  And guess who gets to foot the bill.

No card is limitless, DCFS spokesman Trey Willims told KSLA-TV. Usually when outages occur, he said, it’s the store’s responsibility to take action, include calling a number to verify customers’ card limits.

But some retailers chose not to do that Saturday night.

“These businesses are only reimbursed for the benefits on the card, and they are completely responsible. So if someone had $50 dollars on their card, and they spent $100, the retailer, in this case Walmart, would be on the hook for the other $50,” he said
Once people believe they are entitled to a government program, they get a little testy.

Can you imagine what it’s going to be like under Obamacare?  What kind of rampages are we going to be subjected to if an Obamacare EBT card malfunctions?  And who will pay for that?  If the latest fiasco is any indication, it won’t be the federal government.  Wait, what am I saying?  The federal government doesn’t make money. They confiscate it.

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