Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rep. Robert Pittenger Votes With D.C. Establishment to Extend Federal Debt

Rep. Robert Pittenger is showing himself to be just another weasel in the D.C. hen house.  It didn’t take him long to cozy up to the Republican establishment.   Pittenger made his bones when he voted to fund Obamacare and extend the national debt another 1.1 trillion dollars.  Here is how he justified stabbing us in the back:

Last night's bill allows a few months for substantive negotiations on bringing Washington’s reckless spending under control. This gives conferees Paul Ryan, Tom Cole, Tom Price, and Diane Black the opportunity to get a deal done. Each are strong fiscal conservatives.

The recent debate over defunding Obamacare was a noble objective, but one I repeatedly warned was doomed to failure. I value the Constitutional budgetary role of the House. You probably know that Obamacare was written as 98-99% mandatory spending, which is why House Republicans couldn't stop the bill through a shutdown. Also, many of the most harmful aspects of the law are the mandates, regulations, and taxes - these were untouched during the shutdown and would require Obama's signature to overturn.

Every day, I hear from multiple constituents who face drastically higher healthcare premiums, reduced benefits, or reduced job opportunities due to Obamacare. After securing critical funding for our military, I was willing to participate in a principled fight on behalf of my constituents, but as I predicted, President Obama did everything in his power to protect his signature legislation. Obamacare, good or bad, will be his legacy.

Thank you for supporting me and other Republicans last year. Please know that I'm doing everything possible to encourage job growth now and chart a sustainable path for federal government spending in the long-term.

Does Mr. Pittenger honestly believe these negotiations will fare better?  How many times have the Republicans caved in only to promise they’ll win the next fight?  Yet, he has the balls to post this picture on his Facebook page after his disgusting vote: 

No, I do not support you Mr. Pittenger.  You’ve shown yourself to be a go along to get along republican.  What the 9th Congressional District of North Carolina needs is a principled fighter who will protect his constituents from the Washington D.C. establishment. 

I wonder if Mr. Pendergraph is still available.

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