Sunday, October 6, 2013

Obamacare Premiums Send Shock Waves Throughout Country

The Democratic Party’s healthcare law is beginning to send shock waves throughout the country.  North Carolinians are gasping from the outrageous cost of premiums.  Many are bewildered at what they’re forced to buy.  In order for insurance companies to be in compliance with federal standards, 10 “essentials” are required:

Under the new law, all insurance plans must cover 10 “essential health benefits,” including maternity care and pediatric dental and vision care. Plans must also provide certain preventive services, such as mammograms and colonoscopies for free.

Today, people who buy individual policies often choose plans without maternity coverage, for example, to reduce premiums. That choice is gone, too
“Now maternity is loaded into everybody’s plan,” Blount said.

That means men will generally be paying more than they did before. But women, who can no longer be charged more just for being female, will probably pay less.

Using Blue Cross rates, Blount calculated two examples: The premium for a “middle of the road” plan for a 25-year-old healthy male will increase from $124 per month to $240. But the premium for a 25-year-old female will drop from $378 to $240 per month.

So, single males and the elderly are forced to buy a coverage that doesn’t apply to them.  And people wonder why health insurance is so expensive.  Advocates for Obamacare point out policyholders in some “Blue States” will see a decrease in their premiums.  Here is a map showing the disparity of Obamacare in individual states.

Here is the reason why some “Blue States” are benefitting from Obamacare; these people have been forced to pay for superfluous coverage for years.  The reason they are going to see a decrease in rates is because now they will be subsidized by the federal government.  And how is the federal government going to pay for all of this?  Look to the Federal Reserve. 

You think $17 trillion in debt is outrageous, you haven't seen nothing yet.  

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