Sunday, October 12, 2014

Charlotte Observer Shills for Senator Kay Hagan

If I call the Charlotte Observer will I hear, “Democratic Party headquarters,” or maybe, “Senator Kay Hagan’s Mecklenburg Command”?  They might as well.  This paper is a shameless shill.

Taylor Batten, the libtard of Mecklenburg County, published an editorial in this Sunday’s edition defending everything Senator Kay Hagan.  Had she a penis, Batten would’ve Lewinskied.

He tried his best to diminish Hagan’s 96% fidelity to Obama’s agenda by stating most of those votes were for administration and judicial vacancies.  One of those judicial appointees rendered North Carolina’s constitution irrelevant by declaring gay marriage a right.  This Obama appointee was recommended by Senator Kay Hagan herself.  Thanks for undermining federalism and our constitutional principles, senator.

Batten touched on every vote except one.  Can you guess it?  That’s right, Obamacare.  Mr. Libtard stayed clear of that touchy subject, especially since North Carolinians are receiving an avalanche of cancellation notices.  That ole, ‘If you like your plan, you can keep it” didn’t make it onto the page.

Anyone with a modicum of intelligence knows the Charlotte Disturber is a DNC rag.  They should at least have the decency to include it in their banner.

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