Sunday, October 12, 2014

Gay Marriage is Another Participation Trophy

Marriage was once promoted as an appropriate vehicle for procreation and family values.  In today’s world of political correctness, the idea of marriage and family has been overturned by unelected activist judges.  Gay marriage is our new standard for family values.  Marriage, as an institution, has been relegated to participation trophy status.

I remember playing sports when I was kid.  There was no such thing as a participation trophy back then.  Hard work and skill were rewarded.  Trophies and medals were an approbation of achievement.  We didn’t award mediocrity.  Had I received an award for participation, I would have thrown it in the trash.  To me it is an insult.  Likewise, so is gay marriage.

Today’s marriage is not about procreation and the concomitant responsibilities that entails.  Any yahoo can produce a child.  Why promote marriage as a family value when you have a village to take care of your urchins. 

Marriage, today, is all about tax breaks, pensions, and benefits.  It has been rendered a contractual obligation tied in a transient bow of love.  Who are we to deny equal rights to gay people? First of all, I didn’t know marriage was a right.  I thought standards had to be met.  That isn’t true anymore.

I wonder what the next fabricated right some special interest group will manufacture.  Whatever it is, I’m sure a liberal judge already has a participation trophy ready to hand out. 


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