Monday, October 6, 2014

Totalitarianism is Here! Get Over It!

Let’s stop the pretense.  The U.S. Constitution has been scrapped.  It’s time to recognize the tenets and principles that protected citizens and states from an abusive central government has been undermined and replaced.  We no longer have the right of self-governance.  Progressive judges, bureaucrats and politicians have seen to that. 

The latest domino to fall is States’ constitutions that forbade gay marriage.  The Supreme Court basically acquiesced to rogue rulings by inferior courts by not hearing their cases.  So now we have a country divided; those who are free and others enslaved by federal tyranny.  And the cudgel these judges use is the bastardized 14th Amendment.  You don't need an army when you have the courts.

Americans are at a crossroads.  The character and institutions that have made this country great are under assault.   Christian principles and modesty have been discarded by liberals who believe morality is subjective.  Everyone has a right to be a deviant.  There should be no limitations on depravity.  After all, who are you to judge me?  That is their mantra.  And if you don’t like it, well that’s tough.  Get over it!

In the meantime, Christians who practice their faith in their professions and businesses are sued.  They are told if you want to own a business, you need to leave your Christianity at the pneumatic doors, or else.

Progressives believe they have won a great victory.  And they have.  They’ve demolished the bastion of federalism, States’ rights and self-determination, by using the courts and the 14th Amendment to advance their cause of homogenized thought and forced conformity.

I do hope these liberals video their victory mantra for their grandchildren and great grandchildren.  I’m sure it will comfort them, as they live under a totalitarian state.  They can watch grandpa and grandma tell them over and over again: That’s Tough!  Get Over It! 

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