Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Ovaries are Bigger Than Yours

We are living in a South Park episode.  A day doesn’t go by without some sort of politically correct stupidity dominating the news.  I am constantly amazed at so-called adults who spend their time and energy being offended.  Don’t these people have jobs?  Or, is this grievance industry a product of a twenty-four hour news cycle?

Thirty years ago, this nonsense wouldn’t have happened.  I don’t recall men lamenting their gender, or the color of their skin.  They were too busy trying to provide for their families.  Today, one out of four Americans don’t work.  This could be one of many factors for all this navel gazing and self-loathing.

We live in an age where men are being emasculated.  Hell, we have a president who can’t throw a baseball, wears mom jeans, and believes there is a war on women.  If there is a gender war, it’s on males.  We are practically shell shocked from a daily bombardment of recriminations.  Today’s man is a metro-sexual likely to read People magazine and profess his”feelings.” 

Today’s man is more into bragging about the size of his ovaries, instead of his prowess.  Can that be a good thing?  I’m too shell shocked to know.


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