Thursday, October 2, 2014

NC Tea Party Flips Off Republican Establishment

Establishment republicans are astonished that Senator Kay Hagan is leading their candidate in the polls.  Off year elections are supposed to favor their party.  So why isn’t Thom Tillis shellacking Obama’s puppet?  North Carolina, after all, isn’t a liberal hell hole.

 Prominent moderates in the GOP have come to the Old North State to save their handpicked candidate.  Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and Lindsey Graham have campaigned for Tillis to no avail.  How can this be?  They are the rock stars of the Beltway.  The sheeple are supposed to blindly follow the Potomac toilet bowl’s crowned princes.  Why are the whelps sniffing around Tillis’ leg instead of humping it, like they are supposed to?

The answer is the Tea Party.  Establishment republicans, such as Karl Rove, thought that they could waltz into this state and smear conservatives without consequence.  Tillis didn’t help himself by ignoring them.  He refused to attend Tea Party sponsored debates.  That decision alone could prove fatal.

The days of establishment republicans running roughshod over conservative constituents are over.  Granted some tea partiers will vote for Tillis, if anything, to keep Harry Reid from dictating the Senate.  But others see Washington D.C. for what it really is.  It’s going to take a lot more than voting political parties out of power.


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