Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ebola Kaci: It's All About Me

Me-me-me, I-I-I, me-me-me, I-I-I.  That is the zeitgeist in the Age of Obama.  This self-centered attitude is prevalent from the president of the United States down to a nurse from Maine.  You’d think a health care worker would exercise, “first do no harm” motto and put aside her ego for the sake of the general welfare of her fellow citizens, not so with Kaci Hickox.

Ebola Kaci wrote an op-ed centered upon, of course, herself.  She refused to be quarantined because, to her, it was inhumane and degrading.  I was willing to give this nurse a pass, until she refused to be home quarantined.  There is no excuse for this selfish attitude.

Ebola Kaci claims “science” backs her up.  I’m sure that’s the same attitude a NYC doctor had as well before succumbing to Ebola and is now in intensive care.  “Science” has a way of making fools out of proselytizers.

Ebola Kaci reminds me of another woman who had a complete disregard for the general welfare of her fellow citizens.  Typhoid Mary infected 53 people, of whom three were killed.  She was quarantined twice.  She was released the first time after promising not to pursue her profession as a cook.  She lied and another outbreak of typhoid ensued.  Health officials were able to trace the contagion to Typhoid Mary, who was working under an alias.

Is 21 days of house quarantine too much to ask?  According to Ebola Kaci it is.  Something tells me she voted twice for Obama.  She has the M.O. of a progressive.


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