Sunday, October 12, 2014

Faithless Federal Operatives Depend on Our Fidelity

The U.S. Constitution is a compact between states.  These separate but equal countries agreed to create a federal government with the understanding that this entity would have specific limited powers to ensure a common defense and act as an arbiter when conflict, specifically trade, arose amongst them.  Faith and fidelity to this compact is imperative for this republic to exist.

We are witnessing a great awakening.  Many are beginning to realize we have a federal government that has no fidelity to the Constitution.  We are being ruled by faithless operatives in every branch of that monstrosity.

Bureaucrats create rules and regulations that have the force of law, and with the knowledge that no one, not even Congress – who by the way is the only entity constitutionally required to introduce bills for consideration of law – can stop them.  These federal agencies have become a fourth branch of government.

Out of the three – constitutionally recognized – branches that are the most faithless is the judiciary.  We have federal judges who have no fidelity to the Constitution.  They create rights and laws that never existed.   They use precedent as a vehicle for social engineering and expansion of the federal government.  The tool they use most is the bastardized 14th Amendment.  Of all the branches of government the Anti-Federalist feared, it is the judiciary.  And my have they been proven right.

The biggest fear the central planners in the federal government have is that the states and the citizenry will become just as faithless to their rules, regulations, and judicial fiats as they have to the U.S. Constitution.  The federal government depends upon our fidelity so they can expand their authority.  Once that is gone, their power will become as meaningless as our founding principles are to them.

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