Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Democrats Present: Masque of the Ebola Virus

Do you get the impression we’re watching a 1950’s horror flick when it comes to this Ebola contagion?  You know the kind.  The ones featured on Elvira’s Movie Macabre.  The plot line to all these B-grade movies is similar to the one currently playing in Washington D.C.:  we have an outbreak.  Government officials deny it.  People die.  Government officials accuse citizens of being hysterical.  People die.  Truth tellers are hunted down.  People die.  Martial law is declared.  People die.

We also get the theater experience.  A potential victim is about to enter the basement.  Someone in the crowd screams, “Don’t go down there!”  Too late, the chainsaw killer just ripped another foolish teenager.  So it is with the Obama administration's decision not to bar the West African basement door.  According to these geniuses, isolating these countries would actually spread this contagion.  So we might as well let them roam the world free and unencumbered.  Has anybody seen Elvira?

But the one movie that best depicts Washington D.C. is The Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe.  All the nobles isolated themselves from a plague that ravished the countryside.  These elitist snobs thought the contagion wouldn’t touch them.  This disease only killed plebeians.  The nobles partied day and night without a care in the world that was until death finally caught up to them.

We can thank the Obama administration and all the Democratic Party sycophants that have bought this country a ticket to an Ebola horror show.  Have fun eating popcorn while wearing a hazmat suit.

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