Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Iran's Running of the Western Judas'

Look out!  Here comes the running of the Western Judas’!  Soulless companies and officious bureaucrats are rushing to Iran after the West capitulated to savvy Persian negotiators.  The mullahs sat back and watched naïve and greedy government officials practically wet themselves in anticipation of lifting sanctions.  Secretary John Kerry must have soiled a dumpster full of Depends.  How pathetic.

Hell, Germany is chomping at the bit.  Here is an excerpt from Legal Insurrection

Germany had tremendous economic interest in ending sanction on Iran and it is not making any secrets of it. In June, just as the Iran deal was nearing its final phases, the Bavarian Chamber of Commerce (BIHK) noted in its newsletter[translation by me]:

The German media landscape agrees on one point: lucrative deals worth billions are waiting to be made in Iran. As soon as the sanction are lifted, the run on the markets begins.

Last week, at a press conference in Berlin, Minister Gabriel brushed aside human rights concerns in Iran, saying that the lifting of sanctions were only coupled to Iranian nuclear program and “not related to other matters.” He further explained that his task as Economy Minister is to “help the German economy”, pointing out that his French and Italian counterparts now heading to Tehran are doing just the same.

Vienna should commission a statue to honor this historic event.  I’m thinking along the lines of Iwo Jima.

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