Friday, July 3, 2015

Progressives: Patriotism is Obedience to the Federal Government

It’s that time of year when Americans celebrate our Declaration of Independence from a distant, tyrannical government hell bent on subverting our natural rights and the democratic process.  Lately, many of us are beginning to wonder if another revolution is warranted. 

We certainly have a division amongst us that is similar to the Spirit of ’76.  A third of the country disdains the democratic process and yearns for executive and judicial decrees akin to a king and his council.  A third is fighting to ward off the usurpations of our natural rights by clinging to our founding principles; and the other third are a bunch of morons too busy taking selfies and posting on Facebook to notice what’s going on.

What really bothers me is progressives have conflated patriotism with obedience to the federal government.  They celebrate Barack Obama’s and the Supreme Courts lawlessness.  They can’t even comprehend the duplicity – some would say treasonous actions – of the Obama administration’s foreign policy.  Here are the ravings of an Obama apologist:

Obama is trying hard to keep Iran from getting nuclear weapons. It may not be possible, but naysayers to his plan simply do not understand realpolitik in today’s complicated world. No longer can the United States dictate outcomes to diplomatic crises.

No longer can the United States send troops and end chaos and civil war, such as in Syria. Some days it seems we have learned nothing from the lives lost and ruined in Iraq and Afghanistan and the trillion dollars lost to our economy, money that we desperately needed to rebuild our infrastructure and improve our schools. Obama ended those wars, the longest in our history.

Too many forget that when Obama became president, the nation was deep in recession and headed for all-out depression. You may well argue with the means he used, but there is no doubt we dodged what could easily have turned into an economic calamity.

 The people who haven’t learned anything are those who believe our enemies will leave us alone, or didn’t 9/11 teach them anything? We may not be able to “dictate outcomes,” but we sure as hell shouldn’t be complicit!  Before Barack Obama became president, our enemies feared us and our friends respected us; that no longer exist.  ISIS and Putin are openly questioning are president’s manhood.  That should be considered an insult.

As far as the economy is concerned, recessions happen about every seven years; it is a necessary cycle that helps clear out malinvestments.  Both Bush and Obama administrations didn’t allow that to happen.  The economic calamity that was supposedly averted is around the corner.

I’m sure when this happens, progressives will not let this crisis go to waste.   They’ll wail for our D.C. masters to “do something” because nothing says patriotism like slavish obedience to the federal government. 

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