Friday, July 17, 2015

N.C. Pastor Implies Black Parishioners Too Lazy to Walk to Polls

Praise be Jesus, pass the plate and let’s lie about our poor disenfranchised parishioners. 

If you live in North Carolina, chances are you’ve become accustomed to the clown show in Raleigh.  Black ministers are bewailing unjust voting laws, they say, put an undue burden upon their community.  Here is a pastor in Charlotte making his case for repeal:

A Charlotte minister testified Thursday that North Carolina’s new election law created a number of burdens in the predominantly black and poor community that his church serves.

The Rev. Gregory Moss, pastor of St. Paul Baptist Church, testified that in 2002, he and other black ministers had started looking at ways to increase voter turnout in the black community. Moss said his church is in the Belmont community, which he describes as predominantly black and working-class. Many people in that community are dependent on public transportation and are hourly workers, which means they can’t easily take off from work to vote, Moss said.

The polling place that serves his parish is approximately 1000 ft. from his church.  Would Rev. Gregory Moss have us believe his flock can’t walk that distance?  Is there a bus stop in front of every one of their homes?  What a shameless act of deceit this minister has foisted upon the citizens of this state.


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