Friday, July 10, 2015

Black Community Incensed at Mutilation of 14th Amendment

The 14th Amendment has been a vehicle for judicial activism since the Wong Kim Ark case in 1898.  That ruling bastardized natural law by establishing birth right citizenship.  The consequences have reverberated to this day.  Anchor babies and our chaotic immigration policies are the end result of this ruling.

How is it that municipalities are forced to education illegal alien children at taxpayer expense?  Why the 14th Amendment, of course.

Our federalist system has been undermined by progressive judges who wish to transform the United States of America into a Federal Government of America.  Thoughts and actions have been culled by activists in black robes hell bent on a homogenized citizenry.  That’s how rights like gay marriage are fabricated and dissidents silenced.

Finally, people are beginning to question the true reasons for the 14th Amendment.  Here is an excerpt from Black Community News:

On July 9th, 1868, a monumental shift happened in the legal landscape. Slavery had just been abolished by the 13th Amendment as an institution three years prior, and now black people were finally being recognized as humans and citizens by the law. Of course, no one needs a law to affirm anyone’s humanity, but I’m glad as a person with mocha brown skin that legislation caught up with common sense.

 But sadly, the 14th Amendment has been a victim of deteriorating common sense in this country allowing nearly everything to become legal under this race-based Reconstruction Amendment.

 Due process. Equal protection under the law. These two phrases have become both a battering ram for judicial activists to obliterate our actual Constitutional freedoms and a magic wand to conjure up “rights” out of thin air. Federal judges are quite adept at this abuse. The Supreme Court, at least the majority of it, has mastered the art of Constitutional mutilation.

The black community should be incensed that a constitutional amendment designed to afford them due process of the law and protection from unjust laws has been bastardized to mean anything an activist judge can dream up.  Maybe, citizens can finally have a conversation on the relevancy of the 14th Amendment and whether or not we should take away this cudgel from irresponsible jurist.


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