Saturday, July 25, 2015

Obama Lectures Kenyan President about Corruption

Barack Hussein Obama has chutzpah.  The world is used to American presidents lecture others on human rights abuses, but to watch this president travel to another country and accuse his host of corrupt practices that virtually mirror his own is outrageous.  Kenya’s president had to be amused.  Here is an excerpt from the Telegraph:

The tense exchange came during an unusually-frank press conference in which Mr Obama raised concerns about endemic corruption holding back the economic growth of Kenya, where his father was born.

“People aren’t stupid,” he said, calling for “visible prosecutions” of senior officials involved who were seen buying expensive houses or cars that should not be affordable on their salaries.

That sounds like a certain Secretary of State and her husband who’ve profited off of their family foundation with generous donations from foreign governments and potentates while she was in office.  Can we get an investigation on Hillary Clinton’s suspect activities? 

As a matter of fact, Obama’s administration just announced that inspectors general will have to get permission from agency heads before conducting investigations.  This is contrary to the Inspector General Act of 1978.  This executive belligerence is not new.  What we’ve learned in the past seven years is laws are living and breathing suggestions when it comes to democrats.

Here is another tasty bit from the Telegraph:

Some critics questioned Mr Obama’s willingness to make friends with Mr Kenyatta, whom he hugged as he emerged from Air Force One on Friday, pointing out that despite his pledges, the Kenyan president still presided over a deeply corrupt regime that has shown an intolerance of dissenting voices.

Boniface Mwangi, from the African Centre for Open Governance which is among a group of Non-Governmental Organisations Mr Obama will meet tomorrow, said Mr Kenyatta’s pledges to tackle corruption and human rights abuses in return for more US financial support were purely “politically-expedient double speak”.

Kenya has a corrupt regime that is intolerant of dissenting voices?  We know Obama originated from Kenya, I didn’t know the whole Democratic Party did as well.


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