Thursday, July 2, 2015

Salon Libtards Upset Conservative Polygamist Demand Rights

Who are we to judge when it comes to love?  That’s what gay activist and their liberal accomplices said to conservatives when we opposed same-sex marriage.  Libtards pooh-poohed our admonitions that the Supreme Court’s ruling would open the door for polygamy, bestiality and all sorts of perversions that the unstable and mentally insane can dream up.  Well, we warned you.

The writers at are now the arbiters of what constituents love and marriage.  To them, it’s alright if gay people can marry, but not okay for a conservative to marry two consenting women.  Here is their snarky riposte:

Well, conservatives, here it is, just as you predicted. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria... And on cue, here comes Nathan Collier — a man who describes himself on Facebook as “an American, conservative, Constitutionalist, capitalist, (formerly) Christian, heterosexual middle aged white male of Southern heritage” — and his lovely two brides Victoria and Christine, asking for official recognition of their union. Coming soon: Cat ladies applying for marriage licenses!

And this:

If you want to argue that polygamy and marriage equality are the same thing, well, they’re not. If you want respect for how consenting adults arrange their households, though, you’ve got it. That does not however mean that because one group that has fought for friggin’ decades for basic recognition and respect finally has achieved something, that every fringe group — and yeah, sister wife families, you are fringe — gets a piece of the action too.

Actually, polygamy has been around for thousands of years from Abraham and Charlemagne right up to modern day in some cultures.  Same-sex marriage is a recent invention.  Polygamists have more of a claim on marriage than Dick and Harry.


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