Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ignoring Laws is All The Rage in U.S.A.

Ignoring laws is all the rage in the United States.  Illegal aliens have no compunction.  A border and a nation’s sovereignty mean nothing to them.  We have sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with federal authorities, and a judiciary that mandates municipalities educate their children.  Why wouldn’t they come here?  Hell, the president of the United States has invited hoards of them with executive orders. Citizens be damned.  There are potential voters in them thar illegals!

This administration bypasses Congress by making their own laws.  They have just as much respect for legislators as illegal aliens.  So why should citizens honor laws they think unjust?  As a matter of fact, New Yorkers are doing just that.  Here is an excerpt from Hot Air:

Ever since the hilariously inaccurately named SAFE Act was passed in New York, gun owners and Second Amendment advocates have been stonewalled by the state government whenever attempts were made to find out more about how it was being implemented. But one group, theShooters Committee on Political Education, (SCOPE) managed to break through the wall of silence this month and found out residents have been largely turning their backs on at least one aspect of the law. Owners of so called “assault weapons” in the Empire State are supposed to voluntarily go through a special registration process to let Big Brother know who and where they are, but in large numbers the response has been to just say no.


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