Sunday, July 12, 2015

Clinton Crime Family Face RICO Allegations

A couple of months ago, Rush Limbaugh declared Bill and Hillary Clinton were using their foundation as a front for illegal activity.  If I remember correctly, he called it the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.  Many thought he was being facetious, and at the time it sure seemed that way, but there is truth in humor.  RICO allegations have been leveled at the former first family.

Mr. Klayman also requested Mrs. Clinton’s and other State Department records pertaining to waivers that were granted for persons, companies, countries and other interests that do business with Iran, undermining economic sanctions. 
“This is the first and only hard-hitting case to address the growing email scandal,” Mr. Klayman said in a statement. “What Hillary Clinton, her husband, and their foundation have done is nothing new. It is simply part of a criminal enterprise which dates back at least 10 years, all designed to enrich themselves personally at the expense of the American people and our nation. It’s time, however, that they finally be held legally accountable.”
The Democratic Party is mobbed up.  You have the Obama syndicate operating out of Chicago.  And now we have the Arkansas – New York connection.  This has the making of television series.  Instead of the “Mob Files” we could name it “The Progressive Files.”


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