Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Obama Opens Gates for Early Phase of Jihad

Jihad comes in many forms, very few are peaceful.  An important part of Islamification is immigration.  Here is an excerpt from an article published in The Tribune Papers:

There are 109 war verses in the Koran alone, and according to an analysis by Dr. Bill Warner on his website, 31 percent of the combined doctrinal texts of the Koran and Sunna are about Jihad. Only a tiny percentage of these Jihad verses are about “spiritual struggle,”
 A frequent deceptive definition used by Muslim Brotherhood propagandists and their academic, media, and political dupes. The ultimate and most highly praised Jihad in Islam is the “Jihad of the sword,” although there are many types of Jihad that support the ultimate goals of Jihadic victory and Islamic Supremacy. Immigration (Hijra) is an enormously important and early phase of Jihad. Other types of Jihad are terrorism, infiltration, political subversion, propaganda, financial and material support, motivational training and education, and bloc voting in democratic elections. Peter Hammond, a missionary with many years of experience in Africa, also lists deception, discriminatory taxation, and slavery as forms of Jihad. Muhammad praised the use of slavery, and the Muslim slave trade in Africa played an important role in spreading the practice of slavery until the late Nineteenth Century. Some have estimated that the number of deaths caused by Jihad and the scourge of the slave trade over Islam’s 1400 years resulted in the deaths of 270 million people, with the largest part of them being 80 million Hindus. Both Warner and Hammond feel this estimate is credible. Over 200,000 non-Muslims have been killed by Muslim Jihadists worldwide since September 11, 2001. So let’s dispense with the spectacular lie that terrorist attacks and Jihad have nothing to do with Islam

 Barack Obama is an outspoken apologist for Islam.  He has sought more ways than one to accommodate the “religion” of his father to the point of spiriting tens of thousands of Muslim refugees into our communities at a cost of $20,000 per jihadist.  That doesn’t include food, housing, clothing and educating their children.  That is one hell of a jizya the American people are paying.

Obama has waged his own personal jihad on the United States.  I’m sure the Caliphate will honor this man as one of the great Mohammedians in Islamic history.


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