Monday, September 5, 2016

Liberals Believe a Nation-State is Unchristian

Every election cycle you can count on the apostles of liberalism to creep out of their closets waving the gospel of multiculturalism, centralized government and their version of humanity.  These modern day confessors would have us immolate the American creed by bastardizing the rule of law and inundating our communities with foreigners who either have no intention of assimilating or whose culture is openly hostile to Western civilization.  These preachers light pyres while shouting, “What would Jesus do?”

According to these do-gooders a nation-state is unchristian.  Walls and boundaries are exclusionary and marginalize third-worlders.  Here is an excerpt from a Charlotte Observer op-ed written by Greg Snyder, a professor of religion at Davidson College.

If Jesus’ teachings aren’t convincing enough, we might add to it the testimony of the apostle Paul. Scholars and people of faith still debate how best to characterize Paul’s teaching, but one thing is certain. Paul would say in the life, death and resurrection of Christ, God was bringing outsiders – Gentiles – into the covenant of fellowship with God. Where Paul encountered exclusion and marginalization of Gentile believers, he battled it. When even so prominent a person as Peter hesitated to accept Gentiles at table, Paul stood up and berated Peter in front of the entire community. When Paul learned some of his followers in Corinth were not properly welcoming and caring for believers of lesser status, he rebuked them. In his letter to the Galatians, Paul wrote, “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female.” These divisions, so fundamental to ancient society, had no place in the communities Paul founded, and Paul fiercely opposed them. In the words of Ephesians 2:14, the “wall of hostility” that once separated Jew and Gentile has now been broken down.

In light of this, a doctrine that counsels retreat behind walls, pits one group against another, aggravates tensions rather than relieving them and feeds ancient divisions would violate Paul’s deepest convictions.

Can you image what would have happened to the Viennese Christians had they not had a wall in 1683?  The Muslim horde would’ve massacred and enslaved the whole population.  Christian Europe would’ve been mortally threatened. 

Some ancient divisions need to be respected. published an article by Thomas King on the significance of the 9/11 terrorists attack.

Whilst many people remember Sept. 11 2001 for the Islamic terrorist attack on the USA and also the Western world by extension, few people are aware of another significant battle that saved Western Christendom for many generations that also occurred on Sept. 11 and Sept. 12 1683: The Battle of Vienna. It was this very battle that we in the West have reaped the benefits of and taken for granted but few know or bother to know the details. It will be my sincere attempt to not simply bring out the details of the Battle but rather, to seek to bring to the attention of the reader, some important spiritual and moral lessons for us in the West today.

It is not in vain that the Islamic terrorists responsible for the World Trade Centre attack in 2001 picked such a date to perform their attack. It is because of the significance of this battle meant both the victory of Christendom and the defeat of the Islamic crescent in 1683. In their attempt to try and reverse this historical victory, the Islamic terrorists have only brought further disdain to themselves and their vile religion of the Antichrist and have now caused Christendom to awake from her slumber.

Is suicide still considered a mortal sin, or is that what Jesus would have us do?    


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