Sunday, September 25, 2016

Democrats Plan to Fundamentally Transform First Amendment Rights

The Obama administration is scheduled to handover ICANN to the United Nations at the end of this month.  This coincides with his plans to fundamentally transform the United States from a sovereign nation to one under global governance.   There is no better way to attack an American’s First Amendment right of free speech than to hand the internet over to a body of authoritarians.

Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton predicted the internet will be fundamentally transformed within ten years.  Free speech on the world-wide web will effectively be killed off.

What they’re talking about is succumbing to the demands of foreign governments and foreign interests who say, in what is effectively a global means of communication, it’s just wrong to have the United States in charge of it.
But the fact is, under American control, it’s had remarkable growth. It’s been kept free. It’s been able to withstand a lot of pressure to try and set rules that favor one side or another. And in an international environment, I can tell you from my own experience, when you get all kinds of governments from all over the world setting standards and making decisions, it will be far less free than it is now.
And I don’t think the particular kind of transfer we’re talking about now is the end of the game. This is a black-and-white, binary choice: it’s either under American control, or it’s not. And once we let go of it, we are never getting it back.

That’s the plan.  Democrats have been bitching about Tea Party activists and an alternative media that exposes their corruption for over a decade.  They want to control the narrative.  There is no better way to circumvent the U.S. Constitution than by having totalitarians in the United Nations do their bidding.  But that’s not the end of it.  Here is what John Bolton predicted if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency.

That said, I believe that if Hillary Clinton wins, she will do what I expected Obama to do, which is try to transfer more and more American sovereignty into international organizations across the range of issues — whether it’s climate change or the conduct of international affairs. I think Obama didn’t do as much as I expected in that vein because he really just doesn’t care about international affairs as much as he cares about ‘fundamentally transforming’ our country.
I think Hillary does have even grander ambitions, and so that’s why what we started off, the end of ICANN or the effective control of ICANN over the Internet, is an excellent example of global governance replacing American sovereignty in effect. And I think she’ll be much more on that. I hope that’s something Trump emphasizes in the upcoming debate.
 Barack Obama said as much during his speech to the United Nations last week.

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