Saturday, September 17, 2016

Obamacare Targets Non-Profit Charitable Organizations

Let’s make no bones about it; the main goal of progressives is to force people into a single-payer healthcare system.  Their intention is to make life miserable for anyone seeking a modicum of care and God help the chronically afflicted.

Private insurance has become too expensive to the point where middle to upper income families are seeking federal subsidies.  No one can afford this crap.

One of the many victims of Obamacare is non-profit organizations that help the poor and the chronically afflicted.  What’s amazing is the people who run these organizations blame the insurers instead of the yahoos who are intentionally undermining their good works.  Here is an excerpt from an article written by Dana A. Kuhn founder of Patient Services Inc.

 Fortunately, charitable programs exist precisely to alleviate the onerous financial pressures for those living with chronic disease, as well as help them navigate the emotional – and even legal – challenges that often arise. Today, non-profit patient assistance programs provide as many as three-quarters of a million Americans with a temporary bridge to life-saving and life-sustaining treatments.
And these programs don’t just save lives – they do so without using a dime of taxpayer dollars.
I founded Patient Services Inc. (PSI), the first non-profit patient assistance program, from my kitchen table in 1989. As a former hospital counselor and as someone living with both hemophilia and HIV, I understand firsthand the financial pressures that families face in treating chronic medical conditions.
But now, this life-saving assistance is in jeopardy for hundreds of thousands of Americans. A faulty policy issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is preventing charities from providing premium assistance to many of the nation’s sickest, most vulnerable patient populations.
Currently, health insurers in 38 states are citing this policy to deny coverage to those who benefit from charitable premium assistance, unnecessarily putting countless American lives at risk.

So insurers are at fault because of a policy mandated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services?  Shouldn’t Dana Kuhn’s grievances be with the government agency that’s denying patients charitable premium assistance?
What these people don’t seem to realize is that Progressives want all of us on Medicaid.  Charitable organizations have no place in their single-payer paradise.  The central planners will take care of all of us.  They have no need for the Dana Kuhns of this world.   


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