Sunday, September 11, 2016

Muslims Plot to Destroy Notre Dame

The Obama administration recently celebrated the unwelcomed infiltration of 10,000 Muslim refugees into our communities.  For some reason they believe this is a good thing.  Those who pay attention know better.

Massive Muslim immigration has proven to be an existential threat to countries like France.  They opened their arms and invited a people whose ideology is not only anti-Western but anti-21st Century and now they’re paying a price for it.

A car filled with gas cylinders was today found parked outside a synagogue in the south of France.

The suspicious vehicle was discovered by police officers after it was left near the Bar Yohaye synagogue in Marseille.

Dozens of worshippers were inside the building and were attending a service on Saturday morning. 

The discovery comes just one week after a similar vehicle - also filled with gas cylinders - was left outside the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

These people aren’t just hell bent on murdering priest, Jews and impertinent satirists; they want to destroy national monuments and ultimately the host country’s culture as well. 


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