Sunday, September 11, 2016

Liberal Judges Infest U.S. Appeals Courts

What Barack Obama hasn’t accomplished through executive orders and the federal bureaucracy he’ll obtain through the judiciary.  The United States is being fundamentally transformed from an American ideal into something otherworldly, or should I say third worldly.  The Daily Signal reports on how successful progressives have been in taking over the courts with aid from candy-ass, Senate Republicans.

 Obama also has left his mark on the U.S. District Courts, which are the lower federal courts, successfully appointing 268 judges—seven more than President George W. Bush.
 Obama didn’t push federal courts to the left by himself, though, since the Senate must confirm a president’s judicial appointments. And some conservatives complain that Senate Republicans handed over the keys to the judiciary without a fight.
 “These nominees can’t be characterized as anything but radical liberals, and the senators knew that when they were voting,” said Ken Cuccinelli, a former attorney general of Virginia who is now president of the Senate Conservatives Fund, a political action committee.
While there’s “no singular explanation” for how the majority of federal appeals judges flipped, Cuccinelli told The Daily Signal, Senate Republicans have adopted a strategy of “knee-jerk surrender” on nominees.

These judges do not believe in federalism.  We’ve already seen them rule against states that tried to implement common sense laws that would ensure the integrity of the vote.  Their allegiance isn’t to the Constitution of the United States; it’s to the Democratic Party or worse.

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