Sunday, September 11, 2016

Norcross, Georgia Transformed into a Third World Hellhole

Illegal immigration has had a huge impact on American small towns.  Citizens feel like strangers in neighborhoods they’ve lived in for decades.  Waves of foreigners have changed the landscape, culture, language and way of life for lifelong residents who’ve watched their towns turned into third world hellholes. 

Norcross, Georgia is witnessing a transformation that is bewildering.  Invaders imbued with impertinence and outright disrespect for American values has forced citizens to flee.  Others, mainly the elderly, have no choice but to stay and watch their neighborhoods turn into a National Geographic special.

“Most of the white people who are here have been here for 20 years,” explained James Bell, 64, speaking to a reporter outside a Kroger grocery store. “They have seen the neighborhood change and a lot of them are angry about it.”

Bell, like many others interviewed, said he distinguishes between immigrants who are making an effort to fit into the existing culture and those who he thinks aren’t trying to assimilate. The Vietnamese and the Koreans, he said, are at least keeping to themselves.

“The Latinos just throw it in your face. They’re here for the money. They don’t want to be American,” Bell said. “They don’t care about America.”

He listed big changes that he’s noticed: More renters in the neighborhood who seem to him to care little about the upkeep of their property, single-family houses that he says are filled with multiple families, garbage bins overflowing and litter in the streets.

There are also the subtler things that get under his skin.

“You can see them at the Kroger customer service center desk,” he said, saying that many of his neighbors line up there to send money home to Mexico. It’s a flow of cash leaving this little community, not building it.

And there’s another annoyance, the kind of thing that isn’t a big deal but grates at him. “That’s why there’s always a huge line at the service desk,” Bell said. “If you want to buy a lottery ticket, good luck.”

This is what the Democratic Party’s transformation of America looks like.


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