Thursday, September 15, 2016

Meet the Deplorables

Meet ordinary Americans, or as Hillary Clinton calls us: The Deplorables.  We are a contingent of politically incorrect subversives who refuse to bow and scrape before a bunch of central planners.  We are federalists and damn proud of it.  That means we celebrate the U.S. Constitution and Christian values that propelled this great country into the most prosperous and respected republic in world history.

 We are the last holdouts in fortress America.   We merry band of Deplorables are raising barricades and flying the flag in defiance of edicts and diktats by an out of control federal government that has stolen our birthright.   We don’t need presidents with a pen and phone expropriating our liberties.  We have no use for activist judges forcing their ideology upon a hapless populace.  And we sure as hell have no use for mind controllers who seek to subvert our First Amendment rights.

The Deplorables motto is “Truth has no shame” and our weapon of choice is common sense.  Be sure to check your underwear before entering a public bathroom.


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