Saturday, September 10, 2016

N.C. Liberals Demand Special Elections in 2017

Liberal activist judges have completely screwed the electoral process in North Carolina.  These masters of the black robe have ordered a sovereign state to redraw our House and Senate districts.  That’s weird I thought we had a federalist system where our elected representatives decide these matters not politically motivated jurists appointed by Barack Obama.  Apparently, I’m mistaken.

Attorneys for the state lawmakers who have been forced by the federal courts to redraw congressional and state legislative district maps have suggested July 28, 2017, as the deadline for coming up with a new legislative districting plan that complies with the federal court ruling.

The challengers have asked for new districts to be drawn by 5 p.m. Jan. 25 so special elections can be held in 2017.

If the General Assembly fails to meet the January deadline, the challengers suggested, the court could appoint a special master to draw new House or Senate plans.

The irony is Obama’s Justice Department approved these districts only to have liberal special interest groups overturn it.  These people will never be satisfied until Republicans relinquish control of the General Assembly and that's what this is really about.


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