Sunday, September 18, 2016

Liberal Hysteria Over Trump Presidency

I’ve come to the conclusion Liberals are irredeemable morons.  This opinion is reinforced with every op-ed I read and conversation I have with libtards.  This morning I once again engaged my neighbor about the prospect of a “living wage.”  I asked him if the minimum wage were raised to $15 per hour would the rest of us see a bump that is commiserate.  He said yes.

Now think about that.  If everyone is going to get a raise then what’s the point?  These fools needlessly raised the price of goods and services and to what end?  The obvious answer is skilled workers will not get a raise and their standard of living will be lowered.   And we’re supposed to believe Democrats are the champions of the middle-class?  My ass!

Now, let’s take a gander at how Progressives view the United States under a Trump administration.  It is hysterical in more ways than one.  These yahoos are projecting the failures of the Obama administration on a New York liberal who isn’t a Clinton.  Here is an excerpt from an op-ed published in the Dallas Morning News written by Dick Meyer, a chief Washington correspondent for Scripps Washington Bureau.

Churchill's second volume covers Great Britain during the German blitz in 1940, "the most splendid, as it was the most deadly, year in our long English and British history." He called the book, "The Finest Hour."

Will Americans muster a fine hour of our own and defeat the gathered storm that Trump is riding and stoking?

I pose this question to two men in particular: George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush, America's only living former presidents from the Republican Party.

The two ex-presidents' silence at this historic juncture, to my thinking, is a weak, unpatriotic abdication of their moral duty. I hope against hope that I am dead wrong and they are waiting for the perfect moment to step forward and take a bold, unequivocal stand and join the battle to the end.

Would it make a difference in the vote if the 41st and 43rd presidents opposed Trump full throttle? If they went all the way and endorsed Hillary Clinton? I certainly think so, but I wouldn't bet huge big money on it in this year of unreason.

But I do know this. No voice, no preacher, no leader and no coalition so far have been able to geld Trump and make America sane again.

Now that is hilarious!  This idiot has a wild sense of what is patriotic.  When I think of patriotism it sure as hell doesn’t include the Clintons or Barack Obama.  These scoundrels have an actual track record of selling the American people out.  These people are proven traitors!  They should be in prison.

Once again, do we have to point out this Iranian deal?  Or, how about Hillary Clintons self-dealing through the State Department, does that concern this fool?  Does Mr. Meyer remember the Clintons selling our missile technology to the Chinese in lieu of campaign donations?  Charlie Tree, anyone?

But this moron goes on.

Complacent, worldly wise assurances that our mighty republic will survive a Trump regime are lame; sure, the country will survive, but the likely harms to the worst-off Americans -- and immigrants, race relations, civil rights, economic equality, national security, our national standing and our basic dignity -- are unthinkable.

Did Dick Meyer just land on planet Earth?  He just described Barack Obama’s presidency.  These people are completely devoid of circumspection?  You have to laugh at their idiocy.   

Here is a picture that sums up the United States' standing in the world under Barack Obama’s presidency.  This says it all.


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