Monday, August 1, 2011

Charlotte Observer Joins Tea Party Slurs

It’s no surprise that the editors at the Charlotte Observer would join the chorus of slurs aimed at the tea party people. According to this local rag, these fiscally responsible people are Mad Hatters and hostage takers. I’m surprised they didn’t call the tea partiers terrorist like the rest of the socialist that infest the media.

The Disturber is upset that “revenues” were not raised to offset government expenditures. Someone needs to tell these statist that higher taxes doesn’t equate to higher revenues. What does bring more money into the government coffers is an expanding economy that employs more people; and when you have people in D.C. who are hostile to businesses, that is not going to happen.

The Disturber does make a point on mandatory expenditures:

Second, nearly 60 percent of federal spending is mandatory, meaning it goes up automatically to meet a growing need for services established by law. That includes Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. As more Baby Boomers reach retirement age, these expenditures will increase dramatically. These programs are unsustainable. Additional revenues and reforms will be needed to preserve them.

The federal government brings in $200 billion a month. Now compare that to the cost of programs that are sacrosanct:

Here are the facts, as reported by Market Watch and the Bipartisan Policy Center. You do the math:

* The federal government receives approximately $200 billion in revenues each month.
* Interest on the national debt in August will be approximately $29 billion.
* Social Security will cost about $49.2 billion.
* Medicare and Medicaid will cost about $50 billion.
* Active duty military pay will cost about $2.9 billion.
* Veterans affairs programs will cost about $2.9 billion

As you can see the feds bring in enough money to pay for mandatory expenditures. But hostile government agencies, and a spending disease that’s running rampant throughout D.C. are crippling this country; and decentralization is the only cure. That type of thinking is contrary to the Big Government editors at the Charlotte Disturber.

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