Monday, August 22, 2011

Charlotte Observer Champions Obama Imperial Presidency

Does anyone remember the ranting and ravings by the left of a George W. Bush imperial presidency? Their hysteria was comical. You would’ve thought Dubbya was going to declare himself president for life. Now, these same loons what Obama to do just that, and he is not disappointing them.

The editors at the Charlotte Observer praised the president for acting unilaterally on immigration reform. Mind you, the U.S. Constitution gives the authority to Congress, as outlined in Article One, Section 8. But that doesn’t matter to the totalitarians at the Disturber. The ends justify the means as long as it comports to their will. Here is the quote:

In May, this editorial board urged Obama champion this issue more forcefully, and to take the unilateral steps available to him if he could not get Congress to act. We're glad he has.

The editors at the Disturber have a history of championing the “plight” of illegal aliens. They couldn’t care less about the struggles of the citizens of North Carolinians. July’s numbers just came out. The Tar Heel state has a 10.1% unemployment rate. But that doesn’t matter to the “humanitarians” in our local paper. Illegals have just as much of right to a job as you do. Forget the fact that an illegal alien student is taking the seat of an American. Forget the fact that financial aid and services are being absorbed by a people that have no right to be here; instead of going to law abiding Americans.

The editors of the Charlotte Observer obviously don’t value their citizenship.

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