Saturday, August 20, 2011

King Obama Perpetuates Illegal Underclass

King Obama has proclaimed from the mountain top which illegal aliens will and will not be deported. The new guidelines are amnesty via executive fiat. Advocates for illegals have been trying to push the Dream Act through Congress, but have been defeated at every turn. The Anointed One decided to implement it himself. After all, what is a constitution to his Imperial Majesty?

Obama’s seemingly altruistic actions may have been more political than humanitarian. His approval ratings have drastically dropped among Hispanics:

( - Only 49 percent of Hispanic Americans said last week they approve of the job Barack Obama is doing as president, according to the Gallup poll. That is down 36 points from the high of 85 percent that Obama’s approval hit among Hispanics in the Gallup poll in the spring of 2009, his first year as president.

One of the qualifying factors is if you’re a student. If an illegal alien attends college, the feds will look the other way. But in the final analysis, this is really not helping them out. Now, we have an educated illegal that is unable to gain legitimate employment in the United States.

Now some of the students are graduating but unable to work legally as professionals. Julie, 29, who moved from Mexico to Austin at age 12, earned a degree in nursing from the University of Texas. She is unable to work, so instead she volunteers in Dallas "You have people here, and they're trained," said Julie, who did not want her last name used because of her immigration status. "The state has invested in us, so why not let us be contributing members of society and our community?"

Of course none of this would have been possible without the Supreme Court. Plyler V. Doe helped to bring about this immigration nightmare. Now, we have an underclass of educated illegals. Instead, of taking their degrees and going back to their home country, they’re waiting for Congress to pass the Dream Act. Until, that happens they’ll be in legitimate limbo.


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