Monday, August 15, 2011

The Rise and Fall of The United States AAA Credit Rating

WTF is right!!

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'Niceguy' Eddie said...

Oh, Puh-lease. Really?!

The rating downgrade happened because Republicans showed they were more willing to let the country default than raise taxes. (Which is how coutries are SUPPOSED TO PAY for their debts! That's why they gov't HAS the AAA rating: They can raise taxes!)

But... not anymore.

If Obama's to blame for any of this, it's for refulsing to call out the charlatans ON THE RIGHT for making a HUGE ISSUE out of something that is no more than Congressioanl Housekeeping. 7 Times they reaised the Debt Ceilign for Reagan, 12 for Bush'43, and 72 times since WWII. And in every case, it wasn't even a story. It was the absurdly partisan nature of the REPUBLICANS this time around that caused all of this.


Not that it matters: The other agencies continue to rate us AAA. S&P made a TWO-TRILLION DOLLAR ERROR in their estimation. (Twice as bad as Bush'43's estimation of teh Iraq War costs!) And in any case, it was the ratings agencies incompetence (or currption) that brought on the mortgage crisis! So they really lack any and all credability here anyway! (And as the stock market has been all over the map ever since the downgrade where have people put there money: U.S. TREASURY BONDS! The very thing these fools were supposedly downgrading!)

Major weak, dude. You show yourself to be easily lead in posting such blatant and easily debunked propaganda. Seriously.