Saturday, August 6, 2011

Democrats Proclaim Victory Over Debt Ceiling Fight

Democrats are declaring victory over the debt ceiling fight. And I have to agree. They defeated Cut, Cap and Balance; they got the debt ceiling raised; and what did the republicans get? An unconstitutional super-committee with promises of future cuts to spending.

The Daily Caller reports the crowing by the DNC:

Democrats won the debt ceiling fight and they have the poll numbers to prove it, says Patrick Gaspard, the former White House official now running the Democratic National Committee.

“This agreement was a stinging defeat for the Ryan/House Republican Budget approach,” read a memo signed by Gaspard, “and was also a thorough rejection of the GOP’s so called ‘Cut, Cap and Balance’ plan, which was simply the Tea Party version of the Ryan plan on steroids.”

Gaspard’s memo, distributed by the DNC’s press office, is titled “Shocker: Washington Pundits Got the Debt Fight Fallout Wrong.”

The Democrats can claim victory alright. They can also take credit for the S & P downgrade as well.

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