Sunday, August 14, 2011

Obama and His Merry Pranksters Board the Magic Bus

Obama and his Merry Pranksters are hopping on their magic bus. They’re heading to the mid-west on a central planners buzz; high on the fumes of a spent economy:

Obama's bus tour, his first as president, begins Monday and will take him to prairie communities in Minnesota and through Iowa and Illinois, with stops in the farmland and rural towns that launched his first White House bid.

The former Illinois senator is expected to tell audiences that he agrees with their frustrations about a dysfunctional federal government.

Well, take another hit on that joint President Dysfunctional. You’re about to have a bad trip, man. Those yokels aren’t happy about your federal Acid Kool-Aid Test, daddy-O. I think you’re better off touring San Francisco. Those old hippies dig your scene, man!

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