Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thousands of Unemployed Attend Atlanta Job Fair

The Congressional Black Caucus sponsored a job fair in Atlanta, Georgia. Thousands showed up, some camping overnight in their business suits. Applicants stood in a God awful line, that seemed to extend for miles:

"My feet are really killing me, and this line is really long," said job applicant Daisy Kennard. "But I'm willing to stay in this line no matter what," Kennard said.

Like Kennard, thousands of others showed up for an opportunity to meet the 90 employers who attended. the event and eager to jumpstart their job search. The fair provided job seminars such as resume writing and mortgage modification workshops.

The immense crowd at the two-day fair is another unneeded reminder of the dire state of the American economy.

"I believe the recent lack of leadership in Washington is a contributing factor to the overall lack of confidence in the economy," said Mark Butler, Georgia's labor commissioner. "Due to this lack of confidence, we are seeing a business community that is hesitant to make further investments in this economy."

90 employers attended the event. Most were government agencies who couldn’t take applications. Those seeking a job were told to go online.

The Black Congressional Caucus plans on sponsoring more job fairs in other cities.

"You have to give people a sense of hope, a sense of optimism," said Lewis, a host of the Atlanta fair. "Tell them over and over again, 'Don't give up.'"

The one hope most of the unemployed got in Atlanta, was not getting a heat stroke. They would’ve been better off staying at home and applying for a job online.

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