Monday, August 22, 2011

Maxine Waters Packs Satan Sandwiches for Tea Partiers Trip to Hell

Maxine Waters just volunteered to send the tea partiers on a trip to hell. Dante had Virgil to guide him; we have the Queen of Mean.

The congresswoman packed her Satan Sandwiches for the long ride to that circle of hell she represents.

The patriots will be astonished at the woe and misery Liberals have in store for all of us. The lamentations of poverty will be deafening. The stench of festering wounds poked and prodded by the demons of Obamacare. Cerberus, the three-headed bureaucrat gorges on the wealth of Americans, while the Progressives laugh and point in their celebration of orgy and gluttony.

Woe to you of earth and sea…

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