Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wisconsin Judges Violate Ethics Code; Call for Recall of Gov. Scott Walker

Wisconsin has a strong tradition of progressive politics. So much so, that these irresponsible brats almost bankrupted the state. It took a band of grownups to set the ship aright. Governor Scott Walker and his republican majority in the General Assembly had the courage to confront the teat squawkers whose insatiable appetite almost killed the cow. The public sector unions were bleeding the state dry.

The nation watched the antics of these adolescent cry babies. These socialist converged on the state capitol. They trashed it; defiled it. The damage cost the taxpayers of Wisconsin millions of dollars. And where were the Democrats? Their senators fled to Illinois in order to prevent a quorum. What a manly thing to do.

So, when the republicans were finally able to pass a law curbing the power of the unions, what did the democrats do? They found a judge who was commiserate with the unions and struck it down. But Governor Scott Walker and his stalwart republicans prevailed.

The socialist wouldn’t be denied. They tried to recall senate republicans and failed. But the saga isn’t over. Now, the scum are trying to recall Governor Scott Walker. And as can be expected, they found judges who are sympathetic to their cause:

Among the thousands of people who signed petitions to trigger a recall election of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker are 29 judges from 16 counties in the state.

The total represents 12 percent of the state's approximately 250 county-level judges, according to a Gannett Wisconsin Media
analysis. None of the state's 16 appeals court judges or seven Supreme Court justices signed the petitions.

Wisconsin's Code of Judicial Conduct says that
judges cannot participate in activities of a political party or candidate and should "avoid the appearance of impropriety."

As Jim Alexander, executive director of the Wisconsin Judicial Commission told the Associated Press, however, the code does not specifically address recall petitions.

Monroe County Judge J. David Rice said he called Alexander before signing the petition and he had raised no objections.

"He said in his opinion that didn't violate the judicial ethics, so I relied on that in signing," Rice said.

"I concluded that by signing a recall petition I wasn't advocating for a particular party;
I was advocating for the recall process, which I thought was completely separate and apart," said Brown County Judge Mark Warpinski, who also signed the document.

What a load of crap! Ethics are as meaningless to a progressive as teats are on a boar hog. I wonder if it’s possible to recall a bunch of shameless judges. The citizens of Wisconsin cleaned house in their state capitol; it looks like they need to do the same at the bench.

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/19/scott-walker-recall-29-judges_n_1362784.html?ref=politics

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