Saturday, March 10, 2012

Charlotte Observer "Presents" Themselves to Obama During Mt. Holly Trip

The Anointed One made a stop in North Carolina, and the slavish sycophants obediently dropped their drawers and presented themselves to his Majesty – Barack Hussein Obama. The editors at the Charlotte Observer couldn’t wait to bend over and wiggle their butts for their lord and master, as he lectured us on energy and our “overuse” of oil:

President Barack Obama's appearance Wednesday in Mount Holly featured the usual election year fare - swooning crowds, pokes at Republicans and other solid applause lines. But the president's speech also brought something of substance, though small, to our country's fight to wean itself from foreign oil.

In a speech given at the Daimler Trucks plant, Obama proposed tax credits of up to $10,000 for advanced vehicles that run on alternative fuels, plus a $1 billion grant program for communities that pave the way for broad use of those vehicles.

It was not a particularly grand proposal, but rather a step in the marathon this country faces in changing its energy culture. And while many presidents and presidential candidates have mouthed the right words about eliminating our dependence on foreign oil, Obama has offered the most well-rounded plan to get there - albeit with some stumbles in execution.

Well-rounded plan? Stumbles in execution? This administration has wasted billions of taxpayer monies on his buddies and campaign bundlers. This is one of the most corrupt administrations in American history. The Disturber would have us believe that only a few “green investments” didn’t pan out, when in fact a slew of them went down in failure. And let’s take a look at the $10,000 tax credit for hybrid vehicles; who can afford these vehicles besides the rich, and why are we giving the One Percent a tax break? Where are the Occupiers on this absurdity?

In the meantime gas in reaching $4.00 a gallon, while the Anointed One lectures us on conservation and our dependence on oil. This asshole hasn’t worked an honest day in his life. He hasn’t owned a business. He’s never met a payroll; yet he deigns to lecture everyone on how to run THEIR businesses. What chutzpah!

We Americans made a terrible mistake when we allowed the Progressives to circumvent the Constitution by making the executive branch the manager of our economy. It’s time to restore our founding principles and put little dictators like Barack Obama in their place.


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