Thursday, April 11, 2013

Evolution from Federalism to Totalitarianism

The past couple of weeks have been interesting.  The steady, unrelenting assault on citizenship and personal liberty is something to behold.  Here in the Piedmont region of North Carolina, the media – both newspaper and liberal talk radio, have renounced the principles of our Constitution.  Actually, I don’t believe the “broadcast specialist” at WBT 1110 AM understand the concept of federalism.


Recently, both the morning and afternoon local “talent” criticized two North Carolina republicans for trying to protect our local governments from the abuses of the ACLU and the federal government by introducing a bill that reemphasized our Founders’ intent on the First Amendment.  Somehow, the progressives have equated prayer at county commissioner meetings as establishing a religion.  This conclusion is historically inaccurate.
The establishment of a religion, as our founders meant, is the federal government imposing a tax on the several states to support a state sanctioned “religion.”  A religion being Anglican, Congregationalist, Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, etc…etc…  A religion was not considered Hinduism, Islamic, Buddhism, Judaism or Christianity. 
Look, the majority of us are victims of a public education, and to a greater extent the indoctrination of our universities.  But when we reach adulthood, you’d think a little intellectual curiosity would carry the day, especially those who pontificate on the great issues of our time.  I ask where did we go wrong.

 It all started back in 1857, when political science was introduced at Columbia and John Hopkins.  Francis Lieber was a German immigrant deeply influenced by Hegel.   Progressives such as Woodrow Wilson embraced this foreign philosophy.  Here is an excerpt from Bradley C. S.  Watson’s Living Constitution, Dying Faith:


The birth of American political science created a bastion within the academy for the view that perpetual societal improvement is possible and inevitable, partly because of evolutionary unfolding, but partly with aid of the right kind of superintendence.  The institutional and theoretical departures implied by this view would have made the new political science unrecognizable to the American Founders, whose “new science” in its dismissive contempt for traditional political philosophy, unchanging principles of political right, and ideas and institutions from prior centuries, turned its back on the Founders.  For the most part, it still does.  American political science therefore remains almost genetically incapable of understanding the Constitution of the fathers.
Now, we have people like this guy teaching college kids.


 Evolution at its finest.   

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