Saturday, April 13, 2013

Should Red States Create a Confederation of Freedom?

Governor Rick Perry has extended a big Texas welcome to conservative citizens, gun manufacturers and businesses in New York, Connecticut, Colorado, and California. These states are infested with libtards who don’t value the principles of our founding. Hell, a New York town banned the Gadsden flag from flying at the New Rochelle Armory, because the city council members associated this historic symbol with the Tea Party. Have these people ever heard of freedom of association, or speech?

Their politicians are just a symptom of the problem. What we have is a full-on virus of apathy and stupidity in the electorate. Doubt me? Here is an open sore for all to see:


Governor Perry should be wary of his open invitation.  We in the land of freedom have watched in horror as states like New York and California destroy their economies, while at the same time, trample over the liberty of their citizens.  Texas must be careful.  Blue States might decide to employ their version of the Mariel boat lift by inundating the Lone Star State with unwanted teat squawkers. 
Actually, I believe the Red States should employ a migration policy.  Anyone who moves from a Blue State must have documentation proving their conservative bona fides.  Maybe, we should have a Red State Confederation, along with an outreach program for red counties in Blue States.  You know, kind of a modern day Berlin airlift for the conservatives besieged by the communist that have surrounded them.  It’s just a suggestion. 



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