Friday, April 26, 2013

R.I.P. George Jones

This morning I heard the news that George Jones passed away.  For the remainder of the day the above song played in my head.  Obviously, he is a country music legend.  He’s also a legend in other regards.  I remember my parents took my brothers and me to an outdoor concert in Indiana.  Mr. Jones lived up to his moniker:  No Show Jones.

I mainly associate Possum with Tammy Wynette.  Golden Ring was one of their most famous songs.  And through that association is one of my earliest memories.  When my mother put me down for a nap (which I hated) she would play Tammy Wynette.  Here is the song that I cannot forget:


May you rest in peace, George Jones.  God knows, I couldn’t during my childhood naps.  

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