Saturday, April 20, 2013

Should Charlotte Observer Editors be Declared Mentally Incompetent?

Having read Charlotte Observer editorials for the past 20 years, I can understand Peter St. Onge’s concern about the mentally incompetent being denied the ability to vote. Libtardism is a mental deficiency equivalent to retardation.  Here is an excerpt from his latest tear stained editorial:
Last November, Moriah McKinney went to the Watauga County courthouse with her mother, Cathy, to vote. It was Moriah’s first time, and she wanted to do it right. She had a sample ballot that she’d studied and filled out, and when it was her turn, she laid it next to the real ballot and, one by one, picked her candidates.

Moriah has Down Syndrome. She’s 21 years old. She was nervous heading into the courthouse, says her mother. And heading out? “She was proud.”
So what do Republicans in Raleigh want to do with that sweet moment and thousands like it? Senate Bill 668, introduced earlier this month, would amend the state constitution so that anyone declared mentally incompetent by an N.C. court would be disqualified from voting.

The bill makes no distinction between those who truly don’t have the capacity to vote from those who do but have been declared incompetent for other reasons. Like Moriah. Before she turned 21 last year, her parents brought her before a judge because they wanted authority over Moriah’s medical decisions, and because their daughter doesn’t comprehend the particulars of money and finances.
She doesn’t comprehend the particulars of money and finances?  Why that’s 80% of the Democratic vote!  No wonder Mr. St. Onge is concerned.  The whole Charlotte Observer editorial board would be declared mentally incompetent.

Money and finances are a major part of government.  We have to find a way to pay for all of these programs.  Mr. St. Onge and his fellow libtards believe money grows on trees.  Here is an example of his mental deficiency:
But this is how Republicans in Raleigh have hacked their way through the legislative session. They find a problem – or invent one – then provide an answer that’s disconnected from real-life consequences. They attack a largely imagined voter fraud problem with a photo ID bill that could disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters. They address an unemployment insurance shortfall by disproportionately cutting benefits for the jobless. They turn down a federal expansion of Medicaid that not only would buy them time to fix a broken state system, but would give hundreds of thousands more North Carolinians a medical safety net.

Apparently, Mr. St. Onge doesn’t read his own paper.  If he did, he would know about the waste and fraud in Medicaid.  He would also know that the Republicans are addressing the fiscal incompetence of DHHS.  He would also know about the billions of dollars owed to the federal government who financed the state’s unemployed and demand their money back.  But according to this wizard at the Disturber, if you throw enough money at a problem, it will eventually go away.
As you can see, Mr. St. Onge is as mentally incompetent as Moriah McKinney.  The only difference between the two is she has Down Syndrome and is willing to do her homework.

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